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Happy Birthday Faith!

My baby girl is turning one. Half a world away. She will wake up in a room full of babies all crying for attention. Everything is on a schedule. One day is the same as the next - sleep, play, eat all in the same room with a brief break outside to get some some. There will be no balloons, no streamers, no opening gifts in jammies, no cupcakes for breakfast, no day full of complete spoiling and junk food. There will be no overly loving relatives, no siblings trying to open gifts for her, no mommy in tears behind the camera because her baby is turning one. There is no stress over whether to wear the pink dress with white polka dots or the white one with pink polka dots, the last minute rush to get that one gift we forgot, no video of her smashing into a first birthday cake.

No these things will not happen now. But the WILL happen very soon. It will not be on her actual birthday, but there will be a celebration and balloons and cake and all the crazy chaos that surrounds turning…

We Passed....Again

We passed court today! Our agency verified the information twice just to make sure. So thankful to not have to go through waiting for a court decision again. Although our family has been blessed again and again since last weeks decision. God made sure to let us know that He had not forgotten us and filled all of us with peace. This past weekend we decided to take a last minute get away for our family. We cashed in some of Kevin's hotel points and headed to a place that for us feels like home, DC. I had told Kevin that DC is my "chicken soup for the soul." And after enjoying a yummy dinner in Chinatown, we decided that DC is our "Wonton soup for the soul" :). What a blessing to spend time together as a family....probably our last trip before becoming a family of five. We soaked up not having a stroller, diapers or bottles, kids that will sleep anywhere, being able to travel with no naps, and all the things you can do without a baby in tow. And now we …

Court for Tuesday

Once again we are asking for prayer for our court date in Ethiopia. This will be our third try to pass court. The case is going to be held in Ethiopia on Tuesday. They are about 7 hours ahead. The past two times our case has been postponed due to a letter needed from the Ethiopian Ministry of Women's Affairs. Pray specifically that this letter is received and all information is accurate, for favor with the judge (especially in the area of Kevin's court record), and continued protection and healing for Faith. Thank you for standing with us in this battle.

Want something to do to help out???

So for many months, years :), you have all been asking what can we do to help?? Thank you to all who have made us dinner, watched my boys and given us an amazing support system through this rollercoaster adventure to bring our daugther home. And although our court date has been moved once again to next week, we know that sometime soon we WILL pass court and we WILL be in ethiopia. And so we continue to prepare and move in that direction. We are taking donations for two different organizations that are helping orphans. Our basic thought is to pack bare bones for what Kevin, Faith and I will need and then to take as many other items as possible to leave there. So to all of my "Do-er" friends, now is the time to do something. Below is the list of items to donate or you can donate financially to help us purchase items for this trip.

Items for the Orphange where Faith is living:

Antibiotic syrups and ointments
Clothes for children of all ages (baby, toddler, school age,…

Back to the waiting

And then this afternoon the balloon deflated. We received a phone call from our agency and there had been a terrible miscommunication in the court results from yesterday. Apparently everyone else's cases had gone through and the power went out before the second half was communicated... "except the Judkins family". Once again there is a paperwork issue on the Ethiopian side and we must go back into waiting mode for our next court date....Tuesday, April 27th. For 24 hours we got to experience what it would be like to pass court and to be over that huge hurdle. And now that we have tasted it, we are so longing to be there once again. Our hearts are very sad, but not without hope. We know that one day we will get to see her and bring her home. We keep praying that God will keep her safe and loved and that we will soon hold her in our arms. Faithie, Mommy and Daddy are coming, hold on baby girl....

three beautiful words

Today we received an email titled with the three most beautiful words "Court was successful!" We are now the legal parents of Faith Shetu Judkins. She is ours, an official member of Team Judkins!! Our hearts are rejoicing and praising our Father in Heaven!
"Sing to God, sing praise to his name, extol him who rides on the clouds his name is the LORD— and rejoice before him. A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,is God in his holy dwelling." (Psalm 68:4-5)
The next step is getting our official approval to immigrate Faith to the US. Continue to pray along with us for the following:
* final approval from US immigrations to adopt a child with special medical needs
* all paperwork to move quickly in getting a birth certificate and passport for Faith
* Appointment with the US Embassy in Ethiopia (this appointment is when we will actually travel to see her and bring her home!!)
* that we can use our miles to fly to Ethiopia
* all the details to come together for …

The birth of a promise

As we head into this week, our family is filled with great hope. We are on our knees for the court proceeding on Wednesday and we know many of you are doing the same. We will once again open our home on Tuesday if anyone would like to come by and pray with us. Last evening our small group met together with three other small groups from our church for an amazing time of breaking bread, worship, teaching and prayer. What a gift! We were greatly encouraged by each person there and the time spent in specific prayer over us and Faith. God reminded a few days ago that "our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." (eph 5:12) And so we go into battle using the sword of the Spirit - the Word of God, gathering together to worship and to pray. We have faith that God will indeed move this mountain.

I awoke yesterday morning to…

court postponed

And so Faith's case was not heard yesterday in court. It was postponed until next Wednesday, April 21st. And although we are disappointed, we are not without hope. What a joy to be a part of Faith's journey...even the tough parts. This morning I awoke early and left to go run. The sun was just beginning to rise and the sky was painted a beautiful shade of pink. It reminded me of that run I had taken when we first moved into this house... the one where God taught me to pray that my baby girl would be surrounded in love from her first moment on... at the same time my baby was being conceived half a world away. God then reminded me that He had been with Faith from her mother's womb and He had a wonderful plan for her life. I was once again crying on a run, pouring out my heart and my longing to hold my baby be able to get her the medical treatment she just be her mommy. And in my heart I heard a resounding anthem, "Trust Me, Trust Me"�…

Court Date

Friday afternoon we learned that Faith's case will go to court on Wednesday, April 14th. The judge will made a decision at this hearing to approve our adoption. Please pray that the hearing is able to occur on the 14th and that her case passes through easily the first time. We continue to rejoice that God has protected her health thus far and pray that we can get her home soon for medical treatment. Consider fasting and praying with us this Tuesday in preparation for the court hearing. We are so thankful for all the love and encouragement we have received from all of truly does help keep us going.

Isaiah 58
Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
to loose the chains of injustice
and untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free
and break every yoke?

Is it not to share your food with the hungry
and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter—
when you see the naked, to clothe him,
and not to turn away from your own …

medical update

This week we received a medical update on our precious baby. She has lost weight and in general is going backwards instead of forwards. I don't think I can even begin to describe the frustration of being a mommy to a baby who is half a world away. And so moment by moment I must again put her in the Father's hands as we wait for news of when we can bring her home. We were told that we may hear something on Monday and now on Thursday I am trying to not be anxious. We all miss her so very much, please keep praying.

Pink Invasion

And so the fun part of waiting to bring home a little girl....decorating and putting together the nursery. We are so blessed to have so many hand me downs from friends and family!! I love, love, love the pink wall. I seriously squealed out loud when I opened the can. Her room is full of old and new memories. The swan hanging above the door is from a rocker that I used to play in all the time at my grandmother's house when I was a little girl. The picture of the ballerina says "Trust your Dreams to God" and I looked at that picture everyday during my childhood...i knew that had to go in her room. She has plenty of dolls, some were mine and some will be new to her. And closet packed full of beautiful clothes that were all given to us! After hanging the mobile on the crib, I turned on the music...instantly I was transported back to when the boys were infants. The sound of Mozart mingled with the sliding shapes on the mobile is such a beautiful sound to my heart. …

Waiting and Praying

Easter morning, the time of year when we are reminded that God's love story for us in one of redemption and love. As we wait and pray and fight for our daughter to come home, Kevin and I understand in a new way the love our Heavenly Father has for us. Long before we knew Him or chose to be part of His family, He was pursuing us...loving us...fighting for us. I think about our daughter this morning. She is alone, without her family and in desperate need of healing. She has no idea of how much this mommy and daddy love her and how we are daily fighting for her both in realms seen and unseen. She is the last picture in my mind when I close my eyes and the first thing on my heart before I even know I am awake. Her face wakes me in the middle of the night and stops me throughout my day causing my heart to call out God through prayer. I know that He loves her even more than I do and it is a comfort to know that He has her in His grip.

Kevin and I were trying to relate this sta…