Back to the waiting

And then this afternoon the balloon deflated. We received a phone call from our agency and there had been a terrible miscommunication in the court results from yesterday. Apparently everyone else's cases had gone through and the power went out before the second half was communicated... "except the Judkins family". Once again there is a paperwork issue on the Ethiopian side and we must go back into waiting mode for our next court date....Tuesday, April 27th. For 24 hours we got to experience what it would be like to pass court and to be over that huge hurdle. And now that we have tasted it, we are so longing to be there once again. Our hearts are very sad, but not without hope. We know that one day we will get to see her and bring her home. We keep praying that God will keep her safe and loved and that we will soon hold her in our arms. Faithie, Mommy and Daddy are coming, hold on baby girl....

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