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not ready yet

"Excuse me, can I please see Mrs. Judkins?" The nursery worker was standing at the door looking around the room to locate me. The class responded with looks of compassion. No one wants to see the nursery worker at the door calling your name, it can only mean one thing, your child is upset.
"We have tried to get her to calm down but now she is screaming."
So I hurried as fast as I could down the stairs to get to my baby girl. And yes, she was screaming, I could pick out her cry as soon as I hit the last step.

I struggled with the decision to sign up for this Bible class. Not sure if Faith would be okay to stay in a nursery for the two hours, if she would be okay with me leaving her in a new place. In the end I decided just to try it and we would see how it worked out. Faith has adjusted so well. Everyone comments on how well she has adjusted to living here and being a part of our family. She seamlessly fit right into our lives and it is hard to imagine our hom…

Those Still Waiting

As we drove up to the care center, my heart was racing. Kevin and I held hands. Neither of us could stop smiling knowing that we were only moments away from meeting our daughter. Somehow our feet took us off of the bus and we calmly walked into the building taking instructions from the social worker about where to go sit and wait. It was one of those strange moments where your heart is telling you to do one thing, but your intellect is telling you something else. Every part of my soul wanted to just run up those stairs, grab my daughter, and run for it. The grown up part of my brain won out and I just sat waiting for my name to be called.

Before reaching our daughter's room, we were first greeted by a crowd of toddlers all screaming out to us "Daddy, Mommy, Daddy, Mommy". We would soon learn that this was the greeting we would get from all of the children staying at the care center. Every two weeks another group of Americans show up at their home, every two wee…