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the inconvenience of the good Samaritan

Helping people has become fashionable.  And easy.  Click the donate button.  Share a picture.  Drop a can of food in a box.  But what about when what is needed is not easy or simple.  We look at our calendar and think... I do not have the time it will take to resolve this issue.... I already have so many other responsibilities.... I'm already doing x,y,z....
But here you are anyway, presented with this need, this opportunity to show that you love God above all else and that you love your neighbor more than yourself.  It is an opportunity to worship through sacrifice.
We do not serve a harsh and cruel God but One who IS LOVE.  He does not call us to sacrifice to make us miserable but to give us life.  At first look of a situation it will seem to be the opposite.  We often deceive ourselves with this lie... If I engage in serving, in helping someone, in giving of all my time, my energy, my money,  it will take life away from me.  This is a lie from the enemy himself.  True life and…

a 15 year journey

15 years ago today I made the best decision of my life.  I made a covenant with this man.  Words were spoken and rings exchanged.  There was a thrill of excitement that day as we stepped into the unknown world of Mr. and Mrs.   And every year that passes, every hill and every valley,  the vows we made that day grow in meaning.

This man.  He knows me.   He knows the real me.  He has seen me at my absolute worst and continually chooses to love me no matter what.  The depth of our relationship is something I could not have even imagined 15 years ago....  I don't think even one year ago.  When you meet your forever life partner at the age of 18, you get to grow up together.  There are pieces of the person we first met still around, but we have also grown and changed significantly over the years.

When I met Kevin in the fall of 1996,  I had just arrived at college.  If you had asked me then what the future held, I would have told you that I was going to be a nurse and raise my famil…