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when she cries

London is a gift to our family.  To every single one of us.  Her presence from the day I found out I was pregnant until now has been an instrument used to bond our family of seven.  A baby for all of us.  Something that we could all be a part of from the very beginning.  When the nausea and fatigue became so intense, I watched all four of my children learn to care for one another.  And then as my belly began to grow, questions began to form in their own hearts about their own beginnings.  I began to answer questions from my daughters that I had not expected to journey through until the teen years.  The joy of new life growing in our home lived right beside some intense grief.  Adoption is a hard thing to process as an adult and my soul just hurt as I watched my four and six year old try to deal with emotions way above their age level.  And I had to do some grieving and processing of my own to have some answers for those questions that came without warning.

For much of my pregnancy I …

birth photography

I already shared London's birth story on here the other day.  My friend who was helping and photographing our adventure gave me the rest of the pictures and so I thought I would share.  There are so many amazing photographs that I will not share, even though I think they are beautiful they are probably not appropriate for the internet.  My husband might disagree with the beautiful part but definitely agrees with the not appropriate for internet sharing.  He says that was hard enough to see the first time and would rather not experience it again.  I am thankful that in the moment he rose to the occasion and did not pass out.  For those who are interested I hope you enjoy me sharing a few more moments from those incredible days.

 walking the trail around the hospital on day 1

Going back now and looking through the pictures, I can see that I was smiling way too much on day 1 to have a baby.   

When I had to walk inside, I would pace back and forth in front of this window...just lik…

13 years of passion and fun

Thirteen years ago I put on a fancy white dress and walked down an aisle of a church.  My eyes were locked on his.  We didn't know what the road ahead would hold for us but one thing was for sure, we wanted to do it together.  October 7, 2000 at 12:00pm I made a covenant with my best friend that we would never give up on our relationship, we would never give up on each other, we would spend the rest of our lives together.  The ride has been wild.  We have been stretched beyond ourselves and found that in stepping out in faith our tie to one another has grown even stronger.  We have grown together from dreamy eyed teenagers to thirty something parents of five. On this eve of our anniversary, with our five babies upstairs sleeping, my heart is bursting with joy.  I am so blessed to still be looking into those same eyes that met me at the end of the aisle all those years ago and to have the privilege of calling him my husband.