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More than we could ask or imagine

waiting for surgery

heading off to the OR (above)
post op - all smiles (below)

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen." (ephesians 3:20-21)

This morning our dear friend Megan arrived before the sun came up. She came to take care of our two boys while Kevin, Faith and I were at Fairfax Hospital. We left letting her know that Kevin would be home around dinnertime and I would be staying at the hospital overnight with Faith. Today was the day we had been waiting for, the moment had come to remove the mass on her head.

Yesterday it all hit me. While I was making dinner all the sudden I felt like I couldn't breathe. The overwhelming emotion of what was going to take place the next day consumed me and I was left gasping on the floor. As I cried out to God, He reminded me that He had it and i…

Family Fun & Surgery Update

Our little girl continues to grow and change everyday. She had her 15 month check up earlier this week and has moved from the 3% to the 25% for height and weight. It is truly amazing the changes we have seen in her in the past two months. Her latest accomplishments include shaking her head no, climbing up and down the stairs and holding her own cups. She is so close to walking and practically runs when you hold her hands. The boys adore her and they are both great big brothers. I have a lot of help this time around.

Our dear friends blessed us by giving us a week at their beach house. What a gift!! It was wonderful to get away from the day to day and have some uninterrupted time to bond together as a family. We all love the beach and Faith did great on vacation. The big highlight of the week was Kody learned to ride a two wheel bike! When he took off down the road I have to admit this mama cried. I was so proud of him.

We also played mini golf for the first time which was a …

it's a boy's world


Kody's Baptism

Last Sunday our church had their annual baptism celebration at Meadowkirk retreat center. Every year our church has a service for those who would like to declare their faith in Jesus Christ and to be baptized. After last year's service, Kody shared with us that next year he wanted to be baptized. He accepted Christ last year at Easter time and we have had opportunities throughout this past year to discuss what baptism means. With all of our traveling and such to bring Faith home, we were late to get the announcement that the date of the baptismal service had arrived. At church two Sundays ago, they announced it at the service and afterwards Kody let his daddy know that he was ready to be baptized this year. They had a long talk about what that means to make sure that Kody was ready. He is a special child who has always had an old soul. His depth of understanding on spiritual things continually amazes us. What a joy to be his mommy!

The occasion was even more special becau…


We love a deal and couldn't resist a free night out as a family. The boys were so exicted to do this together. Daddy drew the line at wearing a tail. The best part of the event came after dinner. They dropped me off at the grocery store to just run in for a few items. After receiving a few odd looks, I remembered that I was wearing a shirt that said "Mama Cow" on it.

after 1 month

1 month ago a precious little girl was placed forever in our arms. She was unsure about her new mama and daddy. Slowly she let us love her, slowly she has given us her love in return. Only 1 month and we cannot imagine our lives without her. The first picture is us trying to force her to eat in Ethiopia. These next two pictures are from a date out with Daddy...she was the belle of the ball at that restaurant with all the staff wrapped around her finger.

She is up 2 pounds, 1.5 inches, 2 teeth, saying words, trying to walk, and just all around doing great!