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"Morning Sickness" was named by a man

The days are drawing close when I will be able to turn the calendar on February and consider it over.  Just because I haven't been writing much doesn't mean nothing is happening in our family or that I have nothing to say.  The time when I usually write I am now either lying in my bed sleeping or praying that sleep would take over me.  This month has been rough for our growing family.  No mama likes to be sick.  And we are going on 6 weeks of me not being able to be usual self for my family.  I know it is all for good reason.  I know it will pass in time.  I know there will come a point where I will look back, as I am holding my precious baby, and say " that was beyond worth it."  But in the moment of now it is difficult.

I don't know who came up with the term "Morning Sickness" but I am sure it was a man.  I have met those rare pregnancy unicorns who either never get sick or just feel a little queasy in the morning.... but they are definitely a rare b…

Elie's First Day of School

I struggled for awhile about whether or not to send Eliana to school.  And then if we did send her, where should she go.  We decided to just keep moving forward until we heard a clear "no".... just the way we live the rest of our life.  Doors flung wide open to send her to preschool through our county at a local elementary school.  One step, then another, and suddenly I found myself at the day before she would start preschool.  I had wanted desperately to take her out for a fun mommy-daughter date - to purchase what she needed for school and also to spend some time together, just the two of us.  In the swirl of finding out we were pregnant and the the sickness that followed, our date had not happened.  I prayed hard all day that God would give me the strength to take her out that evening.  Kevin had offered to take her instead, but I wanted to do this, I needed to do this.

We kept it simple.  And we had a very good time together.  She picked out a hello kitty lunch box and…

February: The Month of LOVE

Last year I started a tradition with  my crew to get us talking about what Love really is... and isn't.  It went really well and started some great conversations with my children.  So we are doing it again with a few new ideas.

Yesterday the girls and I colored in this huge heart drawn on a piece of posterboard.  I wrote Jesus is Love across the heart with a sharpie marker.  I taped it to the window in our kitchen, where our family spends most of our time together.  This past fall I attended a women's retreat where the speaker had us read 1 Corinthians 13 out loud together.  But first she explained that the Bible teaches that God is not just loving, He IS love.  And so as we read the passage we subsituted the word "love" with the word "Jesus".  It was powerful and I wanted that to be our focus this month.

So after the boys got home from school, we read 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not pro…