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a bowl of ants

I remember being more emotional when I was pregnant with the boys.  But not like this.  Some may say it is because they think I am carrying a girl this time, others because I am older, or maybe it is because I have more children and more responsibility now.  And really, to be honest, the past few years have been full of emotion.  There have been moments of gasping for air between sobs when my legs have buckled under the weight of my heart.  Moments of extreme frustration, anger, sadness and also huge mountaintops of joy and celebration.  It has been anything but boring.  And so while much of my latest journey could be due to the hormone surges going on in my body, I am also realizing that God is using this season to refine my heart.

Nesting. All creatures do it in preparation for new life to join their world.  It is a natural and necessary desire to make preparations for a new child to join the family.  Somewhere along the way, though,  a seed of discontentment planted itself in my so…

raising generous kids: things to do

We live in a city, in a county, in a state, in a country that is overflowing with wealth.  We live in a place where making it to a six figure income means you are still below average.  The opportunities are endless, the options overwhelmingly abundant and the stuff can be suffocating.  In the midst of all this Kevin and I are trying to figure out how to raise generous and thankful children.  We desire for them to have eyes that see those in need and hearts that long to show God's love through giving.  The idol of materialism is ever growing in our country, right along side the idol of self, screaming at our children to spoil themselves because they deserve it. 

One of the best ways to combat greed is to give.  Faith in action.  We teach our children that our salvation from God is a free gift not dependent upon what we do, but once we experience God's love and understand His redemption it will be the natural reaction to put that faith in action. We desire for our kids to underst…


"insanity is hereditary;  you get it from your children" ~ Sam Levenson
When my kids go to school I miss them like crazy and when they are home they drive me crazy.  I have come to the conclusion that I may just be crazy.  There are so many beautiful things about having children and when I ponder the experience as a whole I am left speechless.  Being a mother is the most precious gift and I write about that often.  However to keep things real, it is also extremely hard and exhausting and frustrating as well.  
The kids wrapped up school last Thursday.  By 8am on Friday I had to address negative behavior from all four of my children.  Some of them mulitple times.  There had also been three injuries.  And did I mention that it was only 8am.  My children have always been early risers.  Not only do they rise early but they jump out of bed ready to take on the world.  Now that they are older we let them get up whenever they wanted, make themselves some breakfast and go ahead and…


We sent them out that first day of school with a mixture of excitement and sadness. Last summer started as a whirlwind as we sucked up every second of every day.  We raced to get ready for China and at the same time squeezed in any moment of family time possible.  Then Kevin and I told Kody, Tyler and Faith goodbye for three weeks.  We all grieved our time apart in different ways.  It was most devastating for Faith.  And the changes it made to her spirit ripped at my already bleeding heart.  Elie had finally come home.  She didn't know us and we didn't know her.  We went through the motions of being a family, but that first month our home was in chaos.  They boys wanted to go to school to find some peace.  While it hurt to accept that truth, I knew the reality: they really did need school to have a break from the madness.  And honestly, it was better for the entire family.  Their absence gave the girls a chance to bond with each other and with me.

Much has happened during th…

fun at catoctin creek park

We spent the day at Catoctin Creek Park in Middletown, Md (near Frederick).  Our first time to visit this park, but definitely not our last.  Beautiful area, nice facilities, awesome playground, great nature center and a creek that captivated our children for a long time.

We didn't know about the creek so we were not prepared.  The creek bed is very rocky.  They kids still got in, but next time we will all wear our water shoes.

The Mid-Atlantic Ethiopian Adoption Group hosted the event today.  We loved seeing old friends and making lots of new ones.  This morning, the girls and I were talking about the day ahead of us and what we would be doing.
Me:  "We are going to a park to have a picnic with other families who have children who were born in Ethiopia."
Faith:  "That's my Country!!"
All four kids were so excited to go.  When we arrived they jumped out of our van and ran ahead to where some kids were already playing.  I love their enthusiasm and abilit…

ready for a break

I love my boys playing baseball.  They love playing baseball.  It was a great season.  But I am so happy that it is over.  And we have almost survived another year of school.  Only three more days and then we will be officially on vacation.

Parents of older children tried to tell me that the end of the school year was busy, but I really didn't fully appreciate what they were talking about until this year.  With three children in public school + two children playing a spring sport = a lot going on.  Honestly, I think I am more done than they are.  I would like to blame it on being pregnant.  So maybe we will just go with that.

I am struggling to get my kids to school on time.  In months gone by when they would come down the stairs with clashing colors or dress socks and shorts, I would help them find something a little less harsh on the eyes.  However, I have given up and they no longer match and some days their hair isn't combed.  Which is why we went ahead and gave the boy…