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it's about the journey... not just the outcome

The day after Christmas, Kevin shared the words that were pounding in his soul.  I explained I heard the same words echoing in my own.  There was the confirmation.  "Make room for more."  It was time.  And it caught us both a bit by surprise.

While we waited for Elie to come home many people asked us if we would move to a larger home.  It wasn't yet time.  Then when London started to grow in my belly we questioned if maybe now was the time to go.  But no, not yet.  Then this last summer we thought... maybe, maybe now.  We started to actually look at some homes in the area but both agreed that now was not the time and maybe not ever honestly.  Our home, while small, was workable for our family of seven.  We enjoyed the our community and believed our resources were needed for other things.  We had talked of dreams of having a home available for those who needed a place to rest and maybe more children to join our family.  However at the end of the summer, I found a place of…

a letter to my daughters

to my beautiful daughters....

This past week a movie came out that brought me to my knees in tearful prayer for each of you.  It is not a new concept held by some in our society, but the release of this movie stirred some thoughts in my soul that I want to share with you.  My prayer is that these truths will become your own and you will grow to be passionate fighters for what is pure and lovely and good.  My sweet babies do not settle for a cheap substitute of love.  Your entire being - heart, mind, body, and soul - were created for so much more.

Love is first of all patient.  Love waits and waits patiently.  There will come a day when you will look into a man's eyes and long to give him yourself and he will feel the same.  A man of character will then pledge to be your husband and patiently wait for the day for you to be his own.  He will not demand to be with you as a husband is with his wife, he will not try to convince you, he will not try to tempt you.  Instead he will hono…