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finding a roadmap in the valleys of life

The past few months my emotions have been all over the map.  Some frustrations with things that I do not understand and cannot control. Exhaustion from the daily demands of life.  Days when the weight of the burdens of those I love threatens to consume my joy.  Moments when the dark cloud seems to follow me around and anxiety longs to be my constant companion.  So many questions that it grows hard to wade through them all and leaves only a lingering feeling of confusion.  It is in these times I am reminded and thankful that my faith in God is not based upon an emotion but the Truth of who God says He is and who He says I am.  And that I can find plenty of examples in scripture of others who have wrestled with the same emotions and the Truth that continued to carry them and set them free.

"Why are you in despair, O my soul?  And why are you disturbed within me?  Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him, the help of my countenance and my God."  (psalm 43:5)  I love how the ps…

three years later

3 years ago.  My mind and heart and emotions are full of a billion thoughts from those moments and all the moments that came after until this one right now.  I know I have tried to convey parts of this story over the past few years on this blog and maybe what I write today is just a repeat but it is a story worth repeating.

I love this picture because I feel like it captures the essence of the moment.  This was taken the day after we first met our daughter.  The day after we walked into a room and about thirty minutes later walked out with a scared and confused five year old little girl.  She recognized our faces from the photo album we had sent.  And we recognized her face from the pictures and reports we had received.  But we did not know each other.  In fact, our daughter had never been given a chance to know who she was for herself and so she had become whatever was needed to survive.  Excessively charming and in the next moment wildly aggressive or completely emotional.  She ha…