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becoming a teenager

Casa Bernabe Orphanage 

When you have five children, family vacations that require airfare do not exist. All our getaways involve stuffing all seven of us and our belongings into our minivan.  All of our kids, though, dream of someday flying somewhere. A few years ago our two oldest were talking about going on a airplane. The discussion inspired Kevin and I and we made a plan for our team.  When one of our children turns 13 they will go on a trip with a parent that involves airfare.  Would we take them to Disney or the beach or to snowboard?  All of those ideas were okay but we started to think that this special trip should be something more. We live in abundance surrounded by abundance.  Our children can often get the idea that they are suffering because we have said no to what their peers own. Our home can hold more than our family. Our pantry is full of food. The heat and the lights are always on.  When they are sick, we have tools and every specialist imaginable at our fingertips.…