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yummy, healthy, easy food: salmon with quinoa and beets

This recipe has a fixed place on the monthly menu at our house.  We enjoy eating it year round, but now that wild caught salmon is back in season the dish is extra delicious.  I started serving my family salmon a few years ago.  In the beginning we tried many different ways of preparation and have all settled on this recipe as our favorite.  So now this is the only way I fix it and all seven members of team Judkins happily chow down.

1.  Cut stems and leaves off of beets.  Wash beets.  Cover with water in a large pot and bring to a boil over high heat.  Continue to boil until beets are tender, about 20 to 30 minutes depending on size of beets.

2.  Cook quinoa according to instructions on package.  I make mine in a rice cooker with chicken stock.
3. Wash stems and leaves.  Cut steams into about 1/2 in pieces.  Slice leaves.  The beet leaves and salmon will cook quickly so I usually wait until the beets are finished cooking to start this next step.

4.  Season salmon with this awesom…

my guest blogger: Kody

Life around here is crazy.  Each year May gets a bit more hectic and this year is no different.  I am learning and, hopefully, next year I will remember to do things a bit differently.  So Mother's Day has come and gone, but I still wanted to share this post from Kody.  One of the blessings of sending your children to public school is the guarantee of a mother's day card.  Faith sent me a card with the handprint poem that makes me cry every. single. time.  This time was no different except Kody got a little teary with me.  In Elie's card she wrote that she likes it when I make her dinner and she thinks I am best at washing clothes.  Tyler wrote that I am very smart because I know all about Jesus and contained some coupons that I intend to cash in this summer for some extra chores.  But Kody's card this year was a little different.  He wrote me a poem.  I loved it so much I asked if he would write it for my blog.  He was very excited to share this with you and intends …

when your children start asking "why?"

Why didn't you come get me?

Another question with no answer.  The words hang in the air.  I pray to God to give me an answer for the unanswerable.  She is waiting with her eyes locked unto mine.  These are the moments when I wish I could go back and rewrite history.  I wish I could have been there the moment she arrived on this planet.  I wish that as she drew her first breath my hands were wrapped around here chest.  But that is not the reality that we must face together.  And so we sit and I think of a way to explain to a six year old things that I barely understand myself.

I love the family that God has made for me to mother.  It destroys all reason and logic.  Biological and Adopted children from multiple continents arranged in mismatched order.  It is beautiful and it is challenging.  Our family does not fit into a mold.  There are no picture books that nicely explain us.

It is a valid question.  For five years she waited for a forever family to come.  Five years of waitin…