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Happy Mother's Day

As a little girl I dreamed of being a mother.  My pretend play involved being a mother.  I would voluntarily give my free time to be a mother's helper any chance that I could get.  My dreams didn't just include one child.  No, I wanted to be a mother to many children.  I wanted to be a mother to children who did not share my DNA.  I went to college to learn how to take care of sick children.  I spent my summer traveling half way around the world to care for and play with children.

I never, ever imagined in all of that imagining ......
the difficulty of life
the intensity of love
the challenge of responsibility
the struggle to evaluate in every moment what is most important
the dance of holding on and letting go

and ....
the beauty of holding a  newborn child
the joy of finally locking eyes with a child I have waited for for years
the humility of having a child love me
the wonder of seeing the world through a child's eyes and heart

It is one of the greatest gifts in life…