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sharing memories at the breakast bar

(looking out over the city where my daughter lived in China) 

One of the things I love about our house is the breakfast bar in the kitchen. There is a long counter with tall chairs. Four people can sit there comfortably. We call it Judkins Cafe. There is something about sitting at that counter that makes people relax. I have no idea how that dynamic works but when someone sits there they start sharing their hearts. It is made of a beautiful wood with a fun story. The orginal owner of the house told us the wood was supposed to be made into guitars.  He bought it and gave it a new purpose. It really is gorgeous and I struggled when we first moved in to let the children sit there to eat fearing they would destroy the wood.

During the school year, the kids eat in shifts due to their different schedules. It makes breakfast at our house last for about two hours. Some days I have the time to just sit at the table with each group, but other days just do not allow it.  A few weeks ago, I need…