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God is Bigger

The weatherman on the radio announced a storm was expected for the afternoon.  These words meant little to me but caused great alarm in the two little girls sitting behind me in the car.  These days I am often plus one little three year old girl.  The conversations between her and my youngest are priceless.  Today was no exception. 

I don't like storms.
I don't like storms too, too noisy. 
It's to loud.  But mommy says God is bigger so I not scared. 

My daughter is not just scared but often terrified of the storms.  The loud thunder and bright ligtening, the noise of the wind and the rain, it is all too much for her little two year old soul.  And everytime I remind her of this truth, God is bigger.  When we are scared, we can trust God because He is bigger than the storm.  

This particular day my own soul was in a knot.  I was overwhelmed with questions and decisions to be made.  God used my daughter's conversation to get my attention and whispered to my heart... do you hav…

trying to live simply in a big house

A year ago we moved out of a 3 bedroom, 1 car garage townhouse that had one tiny little closet for storage.  I absolutely loved that house.  We made it work by living simply and giving away anything we were not currently using.  We moved, not to give the seven of us more space, but to have space for more.  More friends and family coming to visit.  More helping those who needed a place to rest. More children to become part of our team. More people, not more material possessions.

Our new, larger home was pretty empty when we moved in.  We heard the same line over and over.

"Oh, just wait.  Your house will be full of stuff before you know it."

I determined that wasn't going to be true of us. We were going to be different. A year into this adventure I can say that goal is much easier said than done. When there is more space for the extra you don't notice it as much. Things can hide. Rooms that are not often used can become a holding ground for all sorts of madness. Thi…