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Finding Elie

In 2008 we began submitted the first of many, many papers that would completely change our lives.  One of the questions asked of us was, "are you open to adopting siblings?".   I thought, "Yes, of course."  And began to pray that Kevin would agree that we should be open to adopting 2 children at once....2 sisters, I thought, because every little girl needs a sister.  Even after months of praying for God to change Kevin's mind,  the answer from hime was no - "one at a time".   I was somewhat disappointed, but I have learned over the years to trust my husband because he can often see reality in a way that my emotions tend to cloud over.  As time rolled on we knew exactly why we needed to adopt just one... because Faith was just one, born to woman who had no other children.  However during our entire adoption process of Faith, Kevin and I both felt like this would not be our final adoption.  After we traveled to Ethiopia to meet Faith and bring her home,…

Carter's makes me Cry

So eventually I am going to write a post explaining the hows and whys of us adopting again.  But not today.  Because today my heart is heavy for all the mamas out there waiting for their babies to come home.  Because this mama's heart is longing for her little girl to be home.  This time of year is stuffed to the brim with wonderful memory making moments.  And I AM truly loving every day and love that I have the privilege of going through life with an amazing husband and three incredible little people.  The Christmas season truly is magical when you have children in your life.  And I would say that explaining the story of Christ coming to earth in a way that a 5 year old will understand has allowed me to understand the Bible in a whole new way.

But still each moment of joy has a tinge of something bittersweet when there is someone missing.  For the most part I am able to hold it together, but every once in awhile the emotions creep out and I am left crying before I even know that…

Blogging Again

So I am blogging again.  Just because I was quiet in blog land for 2011 does not mean I had nothing to say.  I think most days it is just the opposite, my heart and mind are too full that I wouldn't even know where to begin to write.  This site is a mess and my wonderfully smart hubby has said that he will improve the look for me.  So some changes should be coming over the next month.

I have had many people ask me if I am blogging about our adoption.  So for those who have asked -  Here we go.  I will write when I can and hope it is more than just noise... and it will give me an outlet other than talking Kevin's ear off.