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Kody's love for our baby

The other day T and I were playing and I realized that I hadn't seen Kody in awhile. I went to look for him and found him in our nursery. He was rocking and singing to his baby doll. When I asked him what he was doing, his response made that lump grow in my throat and I tried hard to hold back the tears. "Mommy, I just really miss our baby." Me too, Kody, me too.

Birthday Blessings

For Kevin's birthday this year we decided to do something a little different. He asked our friends and family to donate to Children's Hopechest ( The idea was to bring money that would have been spent on a gift or an evening out for their family and instead give the money to Team-Hope( We began to pray that God would move in the hearts and minds of our friends and family. God definitly showed up and we were blown away by the total amount raised that evening. $618.08, more then we could have imagined! Many who gave commented on what a great idea it was and how they were excited to participate in helping Children's Hopechest and Team-Hope.
This is a picture of my neice, Renee. Earlier that day she learned about how we were collecting money for Children's Hopechest and that there are children in the world who do not have food to eat. She immediately emptied her entire piggy bank into a ziplock bag to bring to the party, $3.58. She said,…