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The Blessings of the Wait

My friend recently sent me a blog of entitled "the weight of the wait". And even though we are only a few month into our official wait, we have been dreaming of adopting for years and heard the specific call to move ahead in January of 2008. There are definitly days when the wait seems to hard to bear and too long. Every night when I go to bed I kiss my little boys and pray over them while they sleep. Then as I close there door and turn away my eyes are drawn to the dark, empty nursery. My heart grows heavy and I long for my little girl to be sleeping in that crib....I long for the day when I get to pray over her as well. But there are also so many blessings during the wait. We are sure that God is using this time to prepare us for the journey ahead.

We just received our long awaited envelope from immigration. I was so excited to open it up. I tore open the envelope and as I began to read the words my heart went from sheer joy to thinking why? and here we go again…