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in the course of time

I love new ideas. I love beginning something. And I love when everything comes together at the end. But the middle part...well...I struggle.

Has God ever clearly spoken a promise to you? But then weeks, months, years go by and you start to think....maybe I heard that wrong? or maybe I should just make this happen in my own way and my own timing? You are not alone.

The flannel graph version of the Bible from my childhood always made things seem like they happened instantly. God promised Abraham a son and then Issac was born. Noah built an ark, it rained and then a rainbow came out. Moses was found in the basket and then he parted the Red Sea. And on and on the stories played out with only the highlight reel making it up on the board.

What the flannel graph didn't show was the 100 years it took to build the ark and then the year that Noah sat on that smelly boat. Or the forty years Moses spent living in Midian before he appeared before Pharoah. We want to skip over the part that sa…

when bones disappear

Our daughter came home when she was five years old. Five years of life lived on her own. Five years of missing a family. And most importantly five years of missing an advocate. Our choices, our decisions, our "yes" and our "no", they all carry a weight of action and consequence. Most days our family lives out our days like any other family. But then there are days like today. The days that set us apart. The days when the past collides with the present and forgotten seasons scream to be noticed again. 
Our daughter's waiting child profile listed not just one, but multiple special needs. She came home with a handful of photographs from her life before we met. They are an incredibly precious gift to both of us. Photos taken for a waiting child's file are different than other pictures.  You can tell when you see them they were meant for a specific purpose. She is about 18 months old in her first one. I have no idea how many agencies listed her over the years o…