court postponed

And so Faith's case was not heard yesterday in court. It was postponed until next Wednesday, April 21st. And although we are disappointed, we are not without hope. What a joy to be a part of Faith's journey...even the tough parts. This morning I awoke early and left to go run. The sun was just beginning to rise and the sky was painted a beautiful shade of pink. It reminded me of that run I had taken when we first moved into this house... the one where God taught me to pray that my baby girl would be surrounded in love from her first moment on... at the same time my baby was being conceived half a world away. God then reminded me that He had been with Faith from her mother's womb and He had a wonderful plan for her life. I was once again crying on a run, pouring out my heart and my longing to hold my baby be able to get her the medical treatment she just be her mommy. And in my heart I heard a resounding anthem, "Trust Me, Trust Me"

Thank you God for preparing my heart for the news of today. Thank you for loving me. And thank you to all of you who have fasted and prayed this week for a little girl you have never seen. Continue to pray not just for Faith, but for all the little ones around the world who are longing for a home, for a family and for freedom.

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