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the life and legacy of Ruby Jean

Ruby Jean (Gee) Briles  1926 - 2016

I have heard it said that in life what you do with the "dash" is what is most important.  In November of 1926 a beautiful soul took her first breath and entered the world to forever change it.  In the middle of the night on Friday, she took her last breath on this earth.  She may be absent physically from this world but her legacy will never be forgotten.  She ran her race well.  I would have loved to be a part of the scene when she met our Father God face to face. Although I am confident of what took place as he looked upon her and said, "well done my good and faithful daughter, welcome home!"

When I think of my grandmother, I think of strawberry pie and hanging clothes on the line in the yard. I think of drinking sweet tea on the dock of their house on the lake. I think of hundreds of cards and homemade treasures she sent to me while we lived an ocean apart and throughout highschool and college. I think of the many months she c…