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me and you... and you and you and you and you and baby makes seven

Becoming a family of seven....

Last year for Christmas Kevin bought me an awesome running jacket.  It was a great gift because I had just started increasing my mileage and was looking forward to running my first marathon in 2013.  "Run my first marathon" that topped the New Year's resolutions followed by learn new styles for Faith's hair, get more organized with the girl's home-school preschool, plan a vegetable garden... and on and on it went.  Oh yeah I had big plans for 2013.

Kevin and I had talked about trying to have another baby.  I say "try" because we did LOTS of trying to conceive #1 and #2 and figured that pattern would repeat itself.  We decided to table the discussion until the summer of 2013.  See, all nice and neat and planned.  I picture God giggling a bit at us at this point in the story.

Christmas vacation - staycation was lovely.  Originally we planned to go out of town, but decided after the crazy year we had we would stay home.  We…

the why of christmas

This year I have spent many hours thinking about how different God's ways are from the ways of the world.  And how sometimes things become so much a part of life that we don't even stop to question if it is really honoring to God.  As I sort through activities, relationships and traditions I have come to question the why behind how I spend my days on this planet.

Lately this pondering has centered on Christmas.  The world has taken the celebration of
Christ's birth and morphed it into a time of materialism, family drama, and stress.  Christmas.  The celebration of Christ's birth.  The celebration of when God took on flesh and came to earth.

Did He come in a position of fame and wealth?  Did He live out the American dream?  Did He come into a position of power?  No.  He came in the humblest manner possible.  God came to earth as a newborn baby.  Born in a dirty cave surrounded by animals to a mother who had no wealth and held no political position.  Even His bed was ju…

"family is what we call it"

A little over a month ago our adoption agency, CHSFS, contacted us with a request.  The email wrote, "I know you are busy but as the saying goes if you want something done ask a busy person. Would you be willing to be in a documentary?"  Film students at Catholic University were given an assignment to make a short documentary style video.  Two students wanted to make a video about a family who had adopted a child with medical needs.  They contacted CHSFS and asked if they would make the connection. This is where we came in.

We were surprised at the request but immediately said yes.  It sounded like a fun experience for the kids and a great chance to tell our story.  And well, why not.

When we told the kids that someone wanted to make a movie about our family they were equally surprised.  I believe Kody's exact words were, "Why would they want to make a movie about us?"  But they were so excited and began to tell everyone we knew that they were going to be in…

simple advent

Life must be simple these days or it is too stressful.  I love this season... from Halloween to New Year's Eve.  This time of year is full of fun holidays and traditions.

At the beginning of October I was with a group of women and brought up the topic of the upcoming holidays.  Just the mention of the word "holidays" was met with groaning.  I refuse to let the expectations of what "should" be done or what and when we "should" do things steal my joy.  This season is beautiful and I want my children to experience the true meaning of this time of year, not their mommy being a wreck.

Here is one idea for advent that is simple and easy for any family to try.

 Advent Prayer Paper Chain
Cut strips of construction paper, one for each day until Christmas.  As a family decide who you would like to pray for during this season of advent.  For our paper chain, we each took turns giving a name.  It was really interesting hearing who each of the children wanted t…