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summer lists and dip

About this time of year the internet starts going all ablaze with Summer Fun lists.  I admit that I get a little panicky.  Should I have a summer bucket list?  Will my kids' summer be ruined if I don't construct a water obstacle course with a corresponding snack where the food looks like ocean animals?  
I asked my kids what they wanted to do this summer.  Let's make a list.  Here is what they came up with: Go to the pool Play outside with friends Go to Ohio (already planned) Go to the Beach (already planned) Fundraising Lemonade Stand
And that my friends is it.  I prodded some more and that was all I could get.  And maybe that is because most of our days look something like this:

We may try to make aquarium jello or play a new game off of pinterest this summer.  But I am choosing to let go of putting pressure on myself to have the perfect summer list.  Besides I like my kid's version much better.  
Here's a super easy, super yummy fruit dip for all that summer fr…


The other day Kody was going on and on about how he can't wait until next summer when he will turn 10.  TEN.  And I wanted to press pause and then rewind.  It isn't time for that yet.  But I see it coming.  He is changing.  Some days, it seems, literally right before my eyes.

He is a sleepwalker.  Just like his mama when she was young.  He ends us somewhere he doesn't want to be and needs help to get back to his warm bed.  We have done this dance for many moons together.  But last night it was different.

As I put my arm around him, by big belly changed the way that I usually guide him back up the stairs.  It made me aware of the life growing inside my womb.  In that same instant I realized that when I am doing these nightwalks with number five, number one will be packing up his belongings to leave the nest and fly.

And it made me linger just a little longer when I tucked him back into bed.

the next leg of the race

Our family is in a season of change.  It is pushing and reshaping everyone.  At times it is quite painful.  At times glorious.  It is reaching into our souls to unearth that which had yet to be spoken.  It is bringing light to the dark areas and calling us to step into the mire with each other.  To get dirty in those broken places.  
Last Friday marked the day that I entered this world.  The day that my mother pushed me into the arms of a nursing student.  The day that started the clock for all the days that were to be for my life.  Thirty-Five.  I am way past the years of childhood.  Way past the years of starting out.  Way past the time of figuring out who I am and why I am.  This is me.  I feel that I have reached some sort of milestone in this race.  All the miles that have come before have molded me into what is now and they have given me the tools for the journey ahead.  I am excited to begin this next leg of my marathon.  
So, everyone keeps asking "what did you do for yo…

lessons from the toliet

Our house has a rough-in for a bathroom on the first level.  Up until last year that space was used for storage.  Last year my incredibly talented husband turned it into a bathroom.  It is beautiful.  It may be my favorite room in our whole house.  I only had one worry.... the toliet paper.  It seemed to me that it was in an awkward place for the kids to use.  Kevin seemed certain that was the location it should be in.  And there it stayed.

About a week before we boarded an airplane for China, I spent an hour sitting in the parking lot of the outlet mall talking on the phone to my roommate from college, Carrie  She is seriously one of the most amazing people I know.  She is mama to four beautiful children.  One of her sons was born with many medical needs that have caused him to spend a majority of his 6 years preparing for, going through and recovering from surgeries.  Carrie is also a huge advocate for children with spina bifida and spends many hours working with the hospital and p…

Happy Mother's Day!

I saw this picture today and my mind filled with a million memories.  Growing up my mother was wonderful.  Not that she was perfect.  But in most ways that truly mattered, she got it mostly right.

I think some of that comes from the fact that she had an amazing mother, who had an amazing mother.  I know this for a fact because I had the privilege of knowing both my grandmother and my great-grandmother.  Both of them godly women who sacrificially loved their families and made everyone round them feel special.

I don't remember my mom ever spending time jabbering on the phone for hours to friends.  I don't remember her ever telling me she was too busy to play with me.  I don't remember her being terribly concerned about having a fashionable home or the latest clothing.  I don't remember her planning elaborate daily lessons for me or craft projects or anything like that.

However I do remember many other things about my mother.  Things that I would love for my kids to so…

my 35th birthday: come walk with me for orphans in china

On May 17th I will turn 35 years old.  I am so excited that I have the opportunity to walk for ophans on my birthday!!  I cannot think of a way I would rather celebrate and I want you to join the party!!!  

We are inviting individuals and families to take a walk with us through the Broadlands community to raise money to send an orphan in China to camp this summer. It costs $125.00 to send one child to camp. If just 13 families came and donated/raised just $10.00 that would make our goal a reality! The walk is during the night because in China it will be day time. The ministry's motto: "We walk at night, so orphans can walk in light!" All the money raised from the Night Walk will go directly towards making that happen! At the same time Night Walkers across the world are walking for the kids, Bring Me Hope university clubs in China will be hosting walking events during the day for some of the 
orphans who will be attending summer camp. This is a way of kicking things off for…

we are having a baby

My life is very full.  My current "job responsibilities"  keep my body and my mind in constant motion.  It is stretching and challenging and not every moment is beautiful... but I truly do love my life.  In the midst of taking care of my family from sun up to way after the sun goes down, I have not really had moments to ponder the new life coming to join our family.

The girls and I were recently shopping for a baby shower gift for a friend.  We headed over to the baby section to find something cute.  As we approached the rack of bibs I felt my emotions start to flutter.  A few more steps and I was completely surrounded in teeny tiny adorable baby clothes.  I began to cry in the middle of the baby section of Kohl's while my daughters played hide and seek in the racks of clothes.  In that moment the reality that soon little tiny clothes would be in my house was just overwhelming.

To that moment I had not bought a single item for this baby.  My eyes locked onto a little …