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Watermelon Cake

Summertime is Birthday time at our house. All seven of us have smmer birthdays.  And three of my kids have birthdays within a two week time span at the end of June. Lots of fun but it can lso mean lots of unhealthy food. You may be thinking... but it's their birthday.  However with so many birthdays in a row, things can quickly start to unravel and some of our crew will get horribly sick having that many "cheats". So what's a mom to do???
I was trying to think of something fun and that a word??..for a birthday dessert that could hold some candles and still taste yummy. Something that didn't require the oven and was gluten free with minimal dairy. Something that was round in shape like a cake and could still have fun decorations. Then as I was in the shower the day before our party it hit me...watermelons. As a side note, the shower is my thinking place.  When you have five children it is one of the only places you can be by yourself and the water dr…