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Kody's Questionnaire

Recently our adoption agency held an adoption information fair/open house event.  They asked our family to participate, to come and talk with other people who are beginning their own adoption journey and to answer questions.  When we told the kids about going, Kody immediately had an idea.  He needed to make a questionnaire to give to prospective adoptive parents to fill out.  And he needed a clipboard.  We did not own a clipboard but he knew he could find one from his Grandad who is the king of office supplies.  Sure enough Grandad had a clipboard that he was willing to spare for Kody's project.  He came up with the questions on his own and then shared them with the Outreach Director at our agency.  They offered him a job when he is old enough to work there. :)  
Here are his questions: Do you want to adopt? Do you want a brother or a sister? Which agency do you want to adopt? Do you want to adopt black or white? What country do you want to adopt? Tell Me. What age do you want to adopt?


If you picked up our little home and all our possessions, and then placed it most anywhere else in the world we would be considered to live in the lap of luxury.  Our days are filled with so many blessings, our closets overflow, our refrigerator is full and our daily schedule allows for down time to just have fun.  And yet, somehow  I still find myself at times dissatisfied with what I have and find myself wanting more.  More things, more money, more free time, more..more..more.  Our family lives in the richest county in the U.S and the with the daily dose of the best of the best, it is very easy to quickly lose perspective.

It is my desire to live free from the pull towards materialism and hoarding, but all that glam still leeks into my heart.  Yesterday the lunchroom discussion at my son's school was all about allowance, savings and objects that their parents buy for them.  My son's perspective is that all of his peers have nicer, more expensive things than he does.  The co…

You are Invited...

Experts disagree on how many orphans there are in the world and what truly classifies a child as
an orphan.  Some say it is 210 million, some say 147 million, some say that both of these numbers are too high.  I say even 1 is too many.  My mind cannot even begin to wrap around a number like 147 million.  And this just speaks to the children.  This number does not include the countless number of young teenagers who are too old for an orphanage, but really too young to be out on their own with no money, no resources and no skills.  It is overwhelming.   There are so many different ways to get involved, many great organizations around the world to partner with, children to adopt or sponsor, families to come alongside and support.  When faced with information and too many choices, my brain starts to shut down.  Or I can begin to feel like how could anything I could do make any difference to such a huge number of children??

The thing I have to keep coming back to is this truth -  In the en…