The birth of a promise

As we head into this week, our family is filled with great hope. We are on our knees for the court proceeding on Wednesday and we know many of you are doing the same. We will once again open our home on Tuesday if anyone would like to come by and pray with us. Last evening our small group met together with three other small groups from our church for an amazing time of breaking bread, worship, teaching and prayer. What a gift! We were greatly encouraged by each person there and the time spent in specific prayer over us and Faith. God reminded a few days ago that "our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." (eph 5:12) And so we go into battle using the sword of the Spirit - the Word of God, gathering together to worship and to pray. We have faith that God will indeed move this mountain.

I awoke yesterday morning to a phone message that rocked my soul with a reminder of God's faithfulness. But to understand this story, I must first rewind you back about 9 years. This is when my best friend found herself in the midst of a nightmare. The man she had pledged her life to was not 100% sure that he had made the right decision in getting married. And the dreams for her life began to crumble all around her. The marriage continued on for a few miserable years of complete darkness until the darkness almost swallowed her whole. Her life was no longer worth living she thought and she no longer had any strength to fight the abuse. But then a tiny light began to shine in the darkness and she began to glimpse a ray of hope. God rescued her from this horrible situation and took her to a new place of healing. In this new home, she met her kinsman redemer - a man of God who loved her the way that a husband should love his wife. They were soon married and she began to experience real love. But there was still one longing in her heart, a longing that she had since she herself was a that she and I had prayed for and cried for over many years...the gift of a child, the blessing of being a mother. Yesterday morning that dream came true, the birth of a promise that God had placed in her heart years ago. "Then I will make up to you for the years that the swarming locust has eaten" (joel 2:25). God's redemption is a beautiful thing to behold. Welcome to the world Jadon Daniel, may you always know how much your Heavenly Daddy loves you and become a man after God's heart, just life your earthly daddy. We love you so very much!

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