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Gifts that Give for Christmas

Can you believe that it is already the holiday season?? I absolutely love this time of year. There are so many wonderful activities to go to, yummy things to eat, snuggly time with family and enjoying new and old holiday traditions. Something we have started trying to do in our home is buying gifts that give. What is a gift that gives?? A present that not only blesses the person receiving the gift but also the one making it and the one receiving the profits.

Many times these types of purchases have to be made online. This can be difficult for those who like to actually see the product before purchasing. There is a great opportunity next Saturday (November 13) to see, feel, smell :) your gifts that give before buying them.

My dear friend, Emily, and I will be selling Pamba Toto products at the Holiday Bazaar, 10am at the Ashburn Volunteer Fire Department. I am very passionate about Pamba Toto because all the profits earned go to Sanctuary of Hope homes for orphans in Nairobi, …

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