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ready for middle school

Today my oldest son graduated from elementary school and in a few days he will turn 11.  My mind can't help but go back to the beginning and recount the faithfulness of our God.    

He wasn't supposed to happen.  We had tried for two years for him to happen.  The doctor suggested more intense infertility treatments.  We prayed and found our answer was supposed to be no.  Then our world started to unravel.  My husband ran into his friend at the grocery store and they decided to race home.  Our friend never made it home.  That day changed my husband.  It changes you to watch a friend go through a horrific accident, to see the events play out in front of you and feel completely helpless to stop any of them.  And in the midst of his grief, the county decided to charge him with his friend's death.  Kevin's car never touch his friend, but the agreement to race was all the county needed.  This is where Kody's story begins:  failed infertility medication, a charge of involu…

Organizing Tips from an Unorganized Person

A friend recently asked me to share tips on how to organize all the papers and medical information for my children.  I am by no means an expert on organizing, in fact I am naturally a very unorganized person.  But when you are a mom, especially to five little people, you have to learn a few tricks to keep the house running.  Here are a few things our family does to maintain our sanity.

Go Through School Papers Immediately When the kids come home from school, we have a daily routine.  They empty out their bags and place the contents on the kitchen table.  Then they go wash their hands and sit down to the table to have a snack.  While they are munching and talking about their day, I go through their school stuff.  The large majority of items go immediately in the recycling bin.  If there is something that needs to be returned to school, then I take that moment to fill it out or write the check or whatever is required.  If I wait, historically, it does not get done.  There are a FEW choi…

seeing relationships instead of a to do list

We had a good friend over for dinner recently.  Our time together was filled with wonderful conversation and lots of laughing.  Both of which my soul appreciated.  She is known to have these wonderful one sentence truths that will keep you pondering for weeks after.  Tonight was no exception.  One of the last things she said to us continues to resonant in our hearts.
Eternity is really all that matters.  
It is a truth that we know but often forget in the day to day demands of living on this earth.  The temporary is truly of no significance.  It's only value is what impact it makes on eternity.  I needed to rest on this thought.  The day to day demands required of me (or at least those I perceive required of me)  had grown into a mountain in my soul.  I was spending many days overwhelmed and stressed and second guessing so many choices that I have made over the past few years.  Second guessing the path that I am currently traveling and the calling that I was so sure of just a few …