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Making me smile

I love how God uses my children to bring a smile to my face, even on the roughest of days. Thought I would share two recent encounters that made me giggle...hope it makes a smile on your face :)

We often listen to the local christian radio station during the day around our home. Each day they play a short message from Max Lucado. Not only is he a wonderful author for grown ups, he also has great children's materials including a video series about a caterpillar named Hermie. The boys love the Hermie videos and I love that they teach them biblical truths while giving me a 30 minute break to do something really fun like clean a bathroom. Anyway, the other day Kody comes running into the kitchen, "Mommy, mommy, mommy.... I just heard Max Potato from our video on the radio". Now if I need a smile, I just say "Max Potato" to myself and the smile just naturally appears.

This morning as the boys were putting on their shoes, they got into a discussion about what the…

Trying to start a New Year

Kevin and I agreed that this year we were going to simplify our lives...cut out the unneeded and unnecessary things that clog our hearts, minds and time. We were going to spend more time together and say no more...even to good things when they are not the best for our family. What we did not know is that the first week of this year would contain such drama. There was stress from our church, our friends and our family. Phone calls, after phone calls, after phone calls, emails, meetings, talks after talks. And all of this following an incredibly hard week of fighting with doctors, nurses and therapist, talking tough with my grandpa, and navigating between emotion and reality. My grandpa was being held prisoner in a horrible rehab facility against his will and the will of the family. His dignity stripped and his care third rate. My grandfather was finally released to go back home on Wednesday. Where after less than 24 hours, he ended up in the hospital only to encounter more dra…