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when you don't feel compassion


When I was a child my Dad had back to back assignments with the U.S.Army in Germany. My parents held high the value of travel and also the appreciation of both culture and creation. This desire meant that my weekends and holidays were spent exploring all of Europe in our Dodge camper. My Dad would always joke that if they left me alone in a city, I would return home with every homeless beggar and stray animal I met along the way .  I was constantly pleading to my parents for money to give. I just could not ignore the needs of others around me. As a child the desperation of people in need would bring me to tears. To answer this longing of my heart, at the start of each trip my parents would give me a set amount of coins that I was able to donate to whomever I wanted. There was never enough change in the bag. 
When I see someone hurting, my soul aches. It's my make up and this personality trait has guided much of the course of my life. I came to mo…