We Passed....Again

We passed court today! Our agency verified the information twice just to make sure. So thankful to not have to go through waiting for a court decision again. Although our family has been blessed again and again since last weeks decision. God made sure to let us know that He had not forgotten us and filled all of us with peace. This past weekend we decided to take a last minute get away for our family. We cashed in some of Kevin's hotel points and headed to a place that for us feels like home, DC. I had told Kevin that DC is my "chicken soup for the soul." And after enjoying a yummy dinner in Chinatown, we decided that DC is our "Wonton soup for the soul" :). What a blessing to spend time together as a family....probably our last trip before becoming a family of five. We soaked up not having a stroller, diapers or bottles, kids that will sleep anywhere, being able to travel with no naps, and all the things you can do without a baby in tow. And now we are ready to add the baby factor back into our family. I am doing some workout preparation to be able to carry around 16 pounds all day. With the other two I had a gradual build up to that weight, so I figure I need to start building the carrying muscles back up. I cannot wait to have another little bundle in my ergo backpack!

We also received our social report today. What a day of gifts!!! Pages and pages of information about our little princess, along with tons of photos. She is such a beautiful girl with huge brown eyes and long eyelashes. Although she is not yet crawling or even sitting up, she manages to hold her own by rolling and creeping to what she wants...including stealing toys. She is very content as long as she gets what she wants and is a child who acts out of what she is feeling inside....sounds like a girl and this boy home is in for some changes. Most of the information just made us smile, like the fact that she sleeps just like T and that when she is done eating she will just spit food. But overall it made us want to go get her and bring her home...to get her out of the room where she spends everyday, to take her with us on our adventures to the park and the zoo and wherever else our travels cause us to roam. To bring her into our family...where she belongs.

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