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i don't want to worship in the dark

I published this blog post last week and it received way more attention then I had imagined. Some good, some not. Some people who I love were wounded by the words that I had chosen. The thoughts were written as the result of some things that have been on my heart this past year. Things my husband and I have been praying about for months. We both had a peace about publishing the post. After a friend reached out to me about how my words were hurting a group of people I immediately removed the post in response to the Holy Spirit telling me to do just that. I believed God wanted to do something in me taking it down. Which He has. And after praying we believe I am supposed to write again with some changes that He has shown us over the past few days. You may find this crazy but I will publish and unpublish any post as God leads. My thoughts that follow are not specific to any one person or church but meant for the American church in general.
This time last year I found out ab…

life with five kids

1.  Someone will always be upset.  And to be fair to the children, sometimes the cranky pants is either Daddy or Mommy. But here is the reality:  with seven people living together the likelihood is at any one time one of those seven people is going to be angry, tired, hungry or just generally grouchy.  Which brings on lesson number two...
2.  The someone is always upset rule does not go away just because you have labeled the activity as "fun"  or  "vacation".  A good friend of mine recently said it well, "Once you have children you do not go on a vacation, you go on a trip."  I would add that vacationing with five children is less like a trip and more like being a part of some kind of survival reality TV show.  
3.  Take lots of photographs.  Even on those crazy trip adventures.  The pictures always help remind me that even in the chaos we are still making positive memories for our children. 
4.  Things will not be equal or fair.  There will be times whe…