Want something to do to help out???

So for many months, years :), you have all been asking what can we do to help?? Thank you to all who have made us dinner, watched my boys and given us an amazing support system through this rollercoaster adventure to bring our daugther home. And although our court date has been moved once again to next week, we know that sometime soon we WILL pass court and we WILL be in ethiopia. And so we continue to prepare and move in that direction. We are taking donations for two different organizations that are helping orphans. Our basic thought is to pack bare bones for what Kevin, Faith and I will need and then to take as many other items as possible to leave there. So to all of my "Do-er" friends, now is the time to do something. Below is the list of items to donate or you can donate financially to help us purchase items for this trip.

Items for the Orphange where Faith is living:

Antibiotic syrups and ointments
Clothes for children of all ages (baby, toddler, school age, up to age 12)
Diaper rash cream
Ibuprofen syrup
Multivitamin Syrup
Non-disposable diapers
Outside toys for older kids
Pampers of all sizes (made in the USA)
Reusable diapers
Rubber or latex gloves that come in the box (several sizes)
Shoes for school aged children

We are also going to take donations for another organization helping orphans, you can learn more about their ministry at www.drawnfromwater.com

over night pull-ups for a girl 50lbs and a boy 60lbs.
american snacks :), this is a huge treat
Construction paper, glue, tape, chalk (these are very difficult to get in Africa)
children's toothpaste and toothbrush
ergo babycarrier
emergen-C vitamin drink mix
screwdriver set
adjustable wrench
(they have an amazon wish list that you can get from their website)

A friend just recently told me a story about a little girl whom she met while in Africa. This child had asked my friend for a crayon. When my friend presented her with a box of crayons, the child had no idea what to do with it. You see she had never seen crayons in a box, just individual crayons. When my friend opened the box to show this precious little one all the crayons inside, the child began to weep. She had just been given the biggest gift she had ever received and was overwhelmed with joy to have so many crayons.

You too have the opportunity to bring joy to a child who has nothing, to show them love in a very practical way. Last time I purchased a box of crayons, I spent under 2 dollars. We have so much to give! Please pray and see how your family can participate. You can drop the items off at my home or I will come and pick them up from you anytime.

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