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Adoption Update

Throughout the adoption journey it really is hard to ever get excited about good news. While you want to believe it, you want to have a glimmer of hope, there is also a part of you that says to stay guarded because at any moment they may say "and now it will be five years until your daughter comes home". And so, I think I am balancing it all with realistic hope. I have hope that very soon we will have a referral, we will get to see our daughter's face and that this year we will hold her in our arms. However, in the midst of all of that realizing that nothing is certain in international adoption.

On January 20th, I was overwhelmed all day by the need to pray for Faith. I don't know if we will ever know what was going on in her life that day, but God just kept telling me that she needed her mommy to pray for her. Our family prays every day that Faith will have food to eat that day, water to drink and that she will be safely surrounded in love. Kody asked me the other da…

Homes for the Homeless

At the end of our road they are building another city center, to include homes, businesses, restaurants and shopping. I say "another" because just in the past two years they already built up two city centers about a 5 minute drive away. It truly is amazing the amount of stores that are already here. I honestly cannot imagine what else they could put in that we don't already have. Alongside the new places to buy things, the builders are putting up homes to fill with the people to go shopping. It is truly incredibly how fast these homes go up literally overnight.

As Kody and I drove past the new construction, he also was amazed. "Woah!, there is a house over there....hey, there are lots of houses over there." And then came the conversation that has left me pondering for days.
Kody: "They are building new homes here. Maybe they are building new homes in the city too."
Me: "Maybe."
Kody: "There are so many new homes out here. People i…