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searching for what it means to be the church

Our family recently traveled to Cleveland to visit family.  Our trip to Ohio reminded us of how much has changed in our lives since our visit last summer.  A visit that unexpectedly gave our already wrestling hearts momentum.

Last  July we traveled to Cleveland, along with all my extended family, to celebrate my grandfather's 90th birthday.  I was eight months pregnant and truth be told, a little grumpy about the trip.  The plan was for our family to stay at a "retreat center"... in a bunk bed... with no air conditioning.  I realize by admitting this publicly I risk sounding like a spoiled brat, and that judgment is deserving.  As we followed our driving directions into the city the scenery began to change and the urban landscape again set me on edge.  I surveyed my surroundings as I exited the car.  I wondered how we were going to have a "vacation" here and how were we going to make sure our four adventurous children were safe in such a sketchy place.   Thes…