we are having a baby

My life is very full.  My current "job responsibilities"  keep my body and my mind in constant motion.  It is stretching and challenging and not every moment is beautiful... but I truly do love my life.  In the midst of taking care of my family from sun up to way after the sun goes down, I have not really had moments to ponder the new life coming to join our family.

The girls and I were recently shopping for a baby shower gift for a friend.  We headed over to the baby section to find something cute.  As we approached the rack of bibs I felt my emotions start to flutter.  A few more steps and I was completely surrounded in teeny tiny adorable baby clothes.  I began to cry in the middle of the baby section of Kohl's while my daughters played hide and seek in the racks of clothes.  In that moment the reality that soon little tiny clothes would be in my house was just overwhelming.

To that moment I had not bought a single item for this baby.  My eyes locked onto a little onsie that said "little sister".  And since we are not finding out the sex of our baby, I then scoured for a "little brother" onsie also.  So I have now bought something for our peanut.  Boy or Girl.  I have an outfit for them to wear.  The clothes look so bitty.  And yet I know that soon they will look so big swimming on a tiny newborn baby.

A baby.  I am having a baby.  The miracle is still too abstract for me to grasp.  As Kevin and I watch Baby 5 squirm and kick, we still look at each other in wonder at this new blessing.  Day by day it is becoming more and more of a reality.... we are having a baby.

And for those of you who have been asking for a belly picture update.....

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