my 35th birthday: come walk with me for orphans in china

On May 17th I will turn 35 years old.  I am so excited that I have the opportunity to walk for ophans on my birthday!!  I cannot think of a way I would rather celebrate and I want you to join the party!!!  

We are inviting individuals and families to take a walk with us through the Broadlands community to raise money to send an orphan in China to camp this summer. It costs $125.00 to send one child to camp. If just 13 families came and donated/raised just $10.00 that would make our goal a reality! The walk is during the night because in China it will be day time. The ministry's motto: "We walk at night, so orphans can walk in light!" All the money raised from the Night Walk will go directly towards making that happen! At the same time Night Walkers across the world are walking for the kids, Bring Me Hope university clubs in China will be hosting walking events during the day for some of the 
orphans who will be attending summer camp. This is a way of kicking things off for the summer and reminding the kids of the people around the world who love them!!  

Growing up, my times at summer camp left an impact that still effects me today.  There is something incredible that happens when you can get away from your normal life and spend a week having fun, making friends, and feeling loved.  Here are a few stories from past years at camp: 

In 2011, Peter attended summer camp in Yantai. 

While there, he met the Akin family who immediately fell 
in love with him. Upon the Akins’ return home, they 
began the adoption process and in 2013 they brought 
Peter home as a member of their family! 

Daniel attended camp in 2012.  Despite a condition that impairs his eyesight, he enthusiastically jumped into 
all the camp activities. Over the course of the week, the staff saw a lot of potential in Daniel and decided to help transfer him to Bethel, a Christian foster home for blind children. In November 2012, Daniel arrived at 
Bethel and has been thriving under their care!

As an orphan who has aged out of the adoption program, Samantha looks 
forward to visiting camp every summer and receiving encouragement 
and love from the volunteers there. In her good-bye letter this year she said, “Thank you for taking care of me this week. I know you are tired sometimes but you are always smiling. I really wish we can meet 
together again in the future.”

Over 350 children are expected to attend Bring Me Hope camps this year! The night walk is a great way to make a lasting memory on your children and yourself. Bring your flash lights. It is worth the late bedtime!
We'll gather at 8pm at 21934 Windy Oaks Square, Broadlands, VA 20148
We hope to talk about what it means to be light like Jesus and pray for the orphans. The walk starts at 9pm. We expected the event to be over by 9:30pm.

Please invite your friends! How great it would be to send more than one orphan to camp!!!

To learn more about where all the proceeds are going, visit:

If you are unable to come to the walk, you can still donate at

Hope to see you there!!  

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