"Morning Sickness" was named by a man

The days are drawing close when I will be able to turn the calendar on February and consider it over.  Just because I haven't been writing much doesn't mean nothing is happening in our family or that I have nothing to say.  The time when I usually write I am now either lying in my bed sleeping or praying that sleep would take over me.  This month has been rough for our growing family.  No mama likes to be sick.  And we are going on 6 weeks of me not being able to be usual self for my family.  I know it is all for good reason.  I know it will pass in time.  I know there will come a point where I will look back, as I am holding my precious baby, and say " that was beyond worth it."  But in the moment of now it is difficult.

I don't know who came up with the term "Morning Sickness" but I am sure it was a man.  I have met those rare pregnancy unicorns who either never get sick or just feel a little queasy in the morning.... but they are definitely a rare breed.  Most women I know understand that pregnancy nausea does not limit herself to the morning, it is instead a 24/7 constant companion, along with her best friend fatigue.  I have devised a way for men to understand what being pregnant feel like during these first lovely months.  When I was a little girl I loved amusement parks and I love rollercoasters or any type of ride that was going to spin me around in circles.  There is a park near here that had a ride called the "Apple Turnover".  Even in my younger days there was a limit to the amount of times I could stomach this attraction.  After you were strapped into a small car, the ride would begin to spin you around in circles in two different directions at speeds that made the world mix into a rainbow of colors.  It was great fun but too many times on that ride and the rest of your day would be ruined.  So here is my idea:
1. Make sure the man's stomach is totally empty and they feel they may starve to death if they don't get something to eat in like the next second.
2. Place them on the ride.
3. Remove them from the ride and make them eat.
4. Place them back on the ride.
5. Continue to alternate eating and riding with intermittent requirements to drive their car somewhere, wipe a poopy bottom, play a boardgame, help with homework, cook dinner, wash laundry and read 100 books.
6. At the end of the day when the sun begins to set, give them a pillow and tell them to go sleep on the ride.

Whenever you get a bunch of women together who have ever experienced pregnancy the stories start to roll.   I could always add in that with both of the boys I vomited pretty much everyday from week 8 to 16, it then went to less often until the feeling totally went away by week 24.  After years of recounting the story I did start to wonder...was it really that bad? maybe i was just a wimp back then?  maybe it would be different the next time around?.   The nausea started ramping up this time around week six, true to the history of my body.    Then the vomiting came and it was starting to hit me all day  long.  The scale was beginning to go in the wrong direction and I called out for some help.  I never took anything with the boys, but the symptoms seem worse or maybe it is just an illusion because this time around I have four small children counting on me everyday.  I started taking a prescription of Zofran.  I know so many women that have had a really good experience with this drug.  Within 24 hours I started having some side effects from the medication.  I was feeling some reflief but the nausea,vomiting, and intestinal cramping continued.  My hubby really didn't want me to take it from the start, he was really concerned about the effects on the baby.  My dear friends, who are much smarter than me, came to my rescue with some natural remedies.  I am now on a regimen of essential oils and it has made all the difference.  I would love to say that I am back to my normal self and feel fabulous but that would be a lie.  I am still nauseous and have some days when I throw up.  I am still crazy tired and am on a sleep schedule like a baby.  But I do have some relief, the intestinal cramping is gone along with the side effects from the medication and I have peace of mind that I am filling my body with good things for me and baby.

Life around here is not at all our usual standard.  My house is way behind on its cleaning schedule.  My laundry is always pilled in stages around the house with baskets overfilling the top.  My Christmas cards are still hanging up and the calendar still says December 2012.  I don't leave my house except to drop off and pick up my children from their activities.  But as Kevin says, we are finding a new kind of routine.  Which I would like to add...I fall more in love with that man every day.  He is continually picking up the pieces that I can't put together right now.  Night after night he puts that children to bed and cleans up the kitchen so that I can go to sleep.  When I was pregnant with Tyler it was a very stressful time in our marriage, it is amazing to see how much each of us independently, our relationship with God and with each other has grown over the years.  Three kids in three years is quite the journey.  It has cemented us as a team and expanded our love and trust for each other leaps and bounds.  There have been some very dark moments over the past month and times when I have felt completely overwhelmed at the job that God has called me to.  Kevin has been there to walk beside me through all of it.  I am so thankful for my partner on this journey of life.  And also for the amazing community that has cooked and shopped and helped us to carry on with everyday.  It truly does take a village.


  1. Clara just turned 7 months (family of 5 (under 8) and I had a horrific pregnancy like yours, I seriously thought I would die. I can say, I am now feeling better and am more in love with being a mom, wife than ever. I pray God makes these days fly by.

  2. You have a fantastic husband!! I am so glad you are getting relief from the essential oils too!


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