Making me smile

I love how God uses my children to bring a smile to my face, even on the roughest of days. Thought I would share two recent encounters that made me giggle...hope it makes a smile on your face :)

We often listen to the local christian radio station during the day around our home. Each day they play a short message from Max Lucado. Not only is he a wonderful author for grown ups, he also has great children's materials including a video series about a caterpillar named Hermie. The boys love the Hermie videos and I love that they teach them biblical truths while giving me a 30 minute break to do something really fun like clean a bathroom. Anyway, the other day Kody comes running into the kitchen, "Mommy, mommy, mommy.... I just heard Max Potato from our video on the radio". Now if I need a smile, I just say "Max Potato" to myself and the smile just naturally appears.

This morning as the boys were putting on their shoes, they got into a discussion about what they will call their sister. Tyler insisted that he would call her, "booger". Kody was immediately disgusted, "Tyler, you cannot call a girl a booger...I am going to call her lovely." "Well," Tyler said, "then how about 'Lovely Booger". Oh my, what a life she is going to have with two older brothers.

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