Blueberry & Beet Smoothie

Smoothies are great anytime of the day AND they are super easy to make AND you can hide all kinds of goodness in a smoothie.  They really are a huge win for a busy mom. If you grew up in the 80s, like I did,  the word "beets" probably makes you think of those awful things that came in a can. The label said "beets"  but now that I have enjoyed fresh beets straight from the farm...well, I am really not sure what was in those cans. Beet roots (the red part) can help lower your blood pressure, fight cancer and inflammation, give you energy and support detoxification.  And don't throw out the leafy greens attached to the top!  Those are not used in this recipe but they taste great with some oil, onions and garlic at another meal. The greens can strengthen your immune system and support brain and bone health. Have I convinced you yet to try them again?? For years I have steamed my beets on the stovetop but this summer a very sweet friend gifted me a instapot.  WOW does it make a difference in prep time!  When the beets come home from the store, I immediately steam the roots in my instapot and store the greens in the fridge. I use this recipe from Nom Nom Paleo for my instapot beets, then they are peeled and stored in the fridge.  Great addition to any meal, even a smoothie....especially if you have any little princesses, they will adore the bright pink color.

Blueberry & Beet Smoothie

32oz plain yogurt (we use goat yogurt and kefir)
1 c plain kefir
1/2 c cashew butter
1 c Pomegranate juice (be sure to get one that is only pomegranate)
1 T Maca powder
1 T chia seeds
1/4 c hemp seed hearts
3 c frozen blueberries
3 medium size beets

Throw everything in, mix it up and ENJOY!


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