seeing relationships instead of a to do list

We had a good friend over for dinner recently.  Our time together was filled with wonderful conversation and lots of laughing.  Both of which my soul appreciated.  She is known to have these wonderful one sentence truths that will keep you pondering for weeks after.  Tonight was no exception.  One of the last things she said to us continues to resonant in our hearts.

Eternity is really all that matters.  

It is a truth that we know but often forget in the day to day demands of living on this earth.  The temporary is truly of no significance.  It's only value is what impact it makes on eternity.  I needed to rest on this thought.  The day to day demands required of me (or at least those I perceive required of me)  had grown into a mountain in my soul.  I was spending many days overwhelmed and stressed and second guessing so many choices that I have made over the past few years.  Second guessing the path that I am currently traveling and the calling that I was so sure of just a few months ago.  The "what ifs" were growing, along with fears.  Both of which were competing to gain control of my heart and paralyze my faith.  I was in desperate need of a reboot and it came in the simple words spoken by my friend.  

There are many tasks and to-dos in my life that really must be done.  As a mama of five my schedule is filled to the top with taking care of my children's basic needs and probably some of their not so basic ones too.  It is easy for me to become consumed with the list that must be done.... the appointments that must be attended... the organizing that must happen.  And before I know it my brain is tired from the hustle and bustle of it all.  But life is not about focusing on the hustle, even when the hustle is necessary, it is about creating meaningful relationships in the midst of those "to-do lists".  Schedules, appointments, and to-dos are insignificant alone but their importance lies in allowing them to be a vehicle. 

I decided to try to live this out this past week.  It is totally transforming how I see the person working at the grocery store,  the mom in the waiting room, the secretary at school, the mom at the bus stop, and most importantly the little people surrounding me and the man who carries the title of my husband.  

Hebrews 13:7 says this  "Remember those who led you, who spoke the Word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith"   When I was a child I spent time in a friend's home where the husband and wife loved God, each other and their house full of children.  They didn't give me any instructions or teachings in the formal sense.  But what I experienced in that home has impacted my entire life.  

It is not the doing that is important.  It is the being in the doing.  Words matter.  Ideas matter.  But the greatest inspiration comes from observing the being in the doing.  I think this is important for us mamas to consider.  We must see the people around us are more than a to-do list.  Loving my husband, serving my family, teaching my children about Jesus can all be radically life changing when observed by another.  Watching love and faith in action can inspire for a lifetime and ultimately impact eternity.  The visual, the feeling we experience from the visual, the moment captured in our souls  births into a vision in our hearts.  It is challenging to use our everyday moments to create meaningful relationships but it is the heart of living a life of joy and purpose.  

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