hundreds call in

This past week a friend of mine sent me an email from her priest.  He had convinced a woman to postpone an abortion for her baby diagnosed with down syndrome by promising to find her an adoptive family.  She agreed she would wait, but only for that week.

I sent around the message to anyone I could think of that might be interested.  I posted it on my fb page.  As did many other people.  So many, in fact, that the priest received over 900 emails of interest.  900.  900.

Does that number shock you?  It did me.  I think it is because I know how many special needs kids wait and wait and wait for a forever family.

My prayer is for those 900 people behind each of those emails.  They were ready to sign up with a moments notice for a child in desperate need of a family.  There are plenty more children in desperate need of families.  Unfortunately, more than enough for 900 families.

If a child in need showed up at your door would you be able to take them in?  Does your family have the space, the time, the resources, the emotional energy?  Then seriously consider adoption.  Or would you be able to help for the moment and then work like crazy to find them a permanent home?  Then seriously consider advocacy.  The need is great and there is a place for everyone to get involved.

We met this incredible family while we were in China, the Westbrooks.  Or rather we met the mama, Kirsten, and her incredible son, Mark.  They were there together to bring home two precious little girls from China who have down syndrome.  If the story from this week tugged at your heart.  If there was a thought that maybe you have room for one more.  Please check out Kirsten's blog.

The life and the love of their family jump through every photograph. The gift of a family is beautiful.

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