It seems everywhere you turn this past week -  TV, radio, internet, the check out woman at the grocery store.... everyone was talking about their feelings about making resolutions.  There are a few times a year that I spend intentional time to stop, reflect and dream.  New Year's is one of those.  We had the most beautiful holiday break.  My husband's company shuts down between Christmas and New Year's.  Yes, I know, we are spoiled.  We had talked about doing a huge trip, or even a small trip, but in the end decided that 2012 needed to wrap up by some serious down time at home snuggling our people.  And that is what we did.  We stepped away from  our relationships, our responsibilities and turned off our phones and computer....yikes...and just had days of focused time to love, laugh and rest.  At first it seemed weird but after a few days of hibernating it was actually a bit painful to turn everything back on.  Resolution number one, to do more of that in 2013.

Whether you are a resolutions person or not here is one idea to starting each year.  A Bible Verse for the year.  Years ago I met an amazing woman through the ministry M.O.P.S. (mothers of preschoolers) at a local church, CFC.  Although her children were already grown, she dedicated many hours and much love to the ministry.  She gave us perspective, wisdom and discipleship.  Much of what I know about being a wife and a mother who loves Jesus came from that season of my life.  One of the gifts she gave to me was this concept - having a verse for the year or for a job or for a ministry or a season of life, whatever.  The idea is to pray and ask God to give you a verse of focus.  So starting in 2008 I began to pray and ask God to give me a verse at the beginning of each year.  Sometimes it came right away, other times it took longer.  I would also ask God to show me the main idea of what He was trying to work on in my heart.  Here is my list from the past five years:

2008   Ephesians  3:20-21    Faith
2009   Deuteronomy 31:8    Trust instead of Fear
2010   Isaiah  40  especially verses 27-31   Wisdom and Sovereignty of God    
2011   1 Corinthians 9:24-27   Discipline
2012   Philippians 3:7-14  Desiring God above all else

I write the year next to the verse in my Bible.  I enjoy rereading them and remembering all that God brought into my life that year to teach me the meaning of those verses.  He is so Faithful!  And here is the challenge for 2013....  1John 2:3-6  Authenticity    Excited for what the year will bring and I can testify that I am already being stretched!!  

Do you have a verse for this year?  I would love for you to share it with me.  Happy New Year!!!  

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