Learning to Care for the Orphan - An Event for the whole Family

Every November people all over the world host purposeful events and services for Orphan Sunday. A day set aside to bring awareness to the Orphan Crisis and to empower people to get involved.  The idea behind the worldwide organizational effort was inspired by a trip to Zambia by Christian Alliance for  Orphans.  They witnessed firsthand the love of the body of Christ in Zambia and how even in their own poverty they desired to care for the fatherless.  Since 2003 their organization has equipped churches, groups, and individuals to reflect God's heart for the orphan.  Their website is amazing.  Stuffed full of great ideas and resources.  One that we love: Orphan Table.  

The idea is simple and very easy to put together.  You order these Kids Against Hunger food packets from their website.  Gather with family and friends.  Make the meal together. Have some discussion prompted by the wonderful discussion guides provided on their website. And just enjoy fellowship as families and the great conversation that comes out of doing an event like this with other families.

We printed out scripture on what God has to say in His Word about caring for Orphans and those who are hungry and then passed them out to all those who could read.  What a joy to hear Scripture being read by children!  After each verse was read, we talked about what it meant and gave the kids and adults time to share.  

Each child was given the chance to mix in some of the dried food and to help with stirring.   And then it was on to enjoy the meal. Most all of the kids loved it and my crew has asked to do it again.  

A simple way to teach your children about those who have less and God's desire for us to be His hands and feet.  The great thing about Orphan Table is you don't have to wait until November to order your kit.  They sell the packets year round.  The slower winter months are a great opportunity to host this type of event and snuggle in on a cool night.  If you do, please let me know how it goes!

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