Pieces of Yarn

I usually have a rule to not post too often on my blog.  But each day right now seems like a 10 rolled into one and the hubby had to go to work and all four of my kids are asleep at 8pm.  Yes, that's right, all 4 are asleep at 8pm.  I think we are all feeling the effects are having our lives turned upside down.  And so after weeks of being disconnected to social media I am enjoying clicking around on the computer and thinking about all that today brought to our family.

We said good bye to my mom tonight, aka Nana, aka Mary Poppins.  My mom is a superstar, coming from a line of superstars.  My most wonderful childhood memories involve summers spent with my grandparents while my mom and dad moved to a new location and got our new lives set up.  I think my children will probably count this summer on the top of their favorites list also.  They had such a great time with their Nana while we were in China.  She stayed a few more days to help us get through our initial transition home.  Tonight before she left she gave Eliana a handmade blanket.  My mom has been working on this blanket since last summer when we told her we were adopting again.  She gave the blanket to Eliana and explained that it was a gift - from Nana to her.  There was lots of pointing on both sides and a smile spread across Eliana's face.  She embraced the blanket close to her, jumping up and down, and gave a little yell.  She watched through the window until my mom's car was out of sight.  Tonight the blanket went to bed with her.  I have a feeling that blanket will be cherished for years to come.  There is a lot of love behind all those pieces of yarn.

We also had our first doctor's appointment today.  Kevin and I took Eliana to our pediatricians to begin our medical journey.  We left with a long list of specialists to call and a stack of scripts for xrays and lab work.  Hopefully soon we will have a better picture of what is going on inside her body so we can make a plan to help her reach her potential.  After meeting Elie, I soon noticed that her legs appeared to be two different sizes.  Today that thought was confirmed... 1/2 inch difference.  We had an initial xray done of her hips to get a picture.  She is so tight through her right side that it really is amazing how well she has coped.  Another doctor amazed at how well she is doing after looking at the scans of her brain imaging.  We are all curious to see a current image and find out what is really going on in there.  We will wait to schedule the MRI until we see what all the specialist specifically like to see so we do not have to repeat the test.

There is something about taking your child to the doctor, something about scheduling appointments and procedures that makes it feel more like they are your child.  This afternoon I felt like Eliana's mama and it was a good feeling.

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