What is Love?

I love Valentine's Day, always have.  I love the sappy cards, the flowers, the chocolates, the i love yous, the pink and red decorations and everything else that goes along with the holiday.  I had read on a friend's blog that their family reads 1 Corinthians 13 every  night at dinner during the days leading up to Vday.  I liked the idea of getting the kids reading scripture about love and having some talks about what is love anyway.  So this year we are doing something new.  The kids and I made a big heart out of a piece of posterboard and then colored it in all shades of red and pink from the crayon bin.  Next I wrote out different things that the Bible has to say about love...what it is and what it is not.  Each day one of the kids draws a card, Kody or Tyler read it out loud and then we all talk about what we think it means.

Very simple idea, but one that has got us thinking and talking.  One card reads, "Love is not jealous".  After talking about what it means to be jealous and giving all sorts of examples for the kids lives, Kody says, "hey mom didn't you say one time that you were jealous of your friend's garden".  So then we had a whole round of things that mommy and daddy struggle to not be jealous about and how to show love instead.  That boy does not miss anything.  My favorite one so far was "Love Never Fails".  Kody explained that this means that love never gives up.  It has been very cool to see what each of them comes up with.  After doing this for several nights, Tyler picked a card and read, "Love is not Rude."   "Hey," he said, "that's a bible verse."   Hmmm, guess I hadn't explained well enough that was where all of these ideas were coming from.

We have a huge wall calendar in our kitchen so the kids can see the events for that month.... and hopefully to keep them from asking me a  million times a day when is so and so's birthday party.  Anyway, as I was filling out February I realized that the week following Valentine's is the beginning of Lent.  What a better way to kick off preparing our hearts for Easter then to spend some time learning about love.

What your your Valentine's traditions?

And now for all of my fellow 30 somethings.....  after writing the title for this blog, i couldn't stop humming this song.  Now it's your turn to get it stuck in your head.

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