Carter's makes me Cry

So eventually I am going to write a post explaining the hows and whys of us adopting again.  But not today.  Because today my heart is heavy for all the mamas out there waiting for their babies to come home.  Because this mama's heart is longing for her little girl to be home.  This time of year is stuffed to the brim with wonderful memory making moments.  And I AM truly loving every day and love that I have the privilege of going through life with an amazing husband and three incredible little people.  The Christmas season truly is magical when you have children in your life.  And I would say that explaining the story of Christ coming to earth in a way that a 5 year old will understand has allowed me to understand the Bible in a whole new way.

But still each moment of joy has a tinge of something bittersweet when there is someone missing.  For the most part I am able to hold it together, but every once in awhile the emotions creep out and I am left crying before I even know that the tears are coming.

Tonight I got a night out by myself to do some Christmas shopping.  I should know better then to walk into Carter's when I am paper pregnant.  You would think that I would remember this from Faith.  Not sure what it is about that store in particular - the adorable snuggly newborn outfits with matching blankets, the big sister/little sister shirts, the fact that the boys have outgrown the store and all the little truck clothes - honestly I don't get like this other places.  I was having a great time shopping for all the little people in my life when a dress caught my eye.  A cute purple knit dress with big bright flowers just in Elie's size.  And now I am bawling like a baby.  It is an easy on, easy off dress, soft material, large stretchy  neck line....just perfect for learning to dress herself.  I immediately could see her wearing it and it looks so beautiful with her coloring.  And so I did the only thing I could, I bought it and it's going in her stocking.

Oh, the stockings..... but that is another post.

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