All who know her, love her

This morning I went for a run by myself around our neighborhood. The summer air and the sun peaking up on the horizon reminded me of a morning run I took two summers ago. That was the morning God first impressed upon me to pray not only for my daughter but also her birth mother, specifically that my baby would always be surrounded in love. And once again my heart was full of emotion and thankfulness towards my Heavenly Father who answered that cry. For our daughter has truly been loved from the moment she was conceived. This photo is not the actual home she was born in, but looks very similar to the place where she was born and was taken close to the area where she was from. The day our daughter was born her birthmother gave her the name Shetu which in Amharic means a sweet smelling flowery perfume. Her birthmother told us that she named her Shetu because she wanted Shetu to know that she loved her very much. Her exact words "i loved her very much". When we asked her mother if there was anything she wanted to ask us or to tell us, she responded that she only wanted us to love her like she was our own child. I assured her that we already loved her and had loved her long before we ever saw her precious face.

She is such a snuggle bug. She was very unsure of us the first few days, but soon gave into being a part of our lives. I think once she figured out that these two people would hold her constantly and give her unending attention she was hooked. We were totally infatuated the moment we picked her up in our arms.

Once her mother relinquished her rights and Shetu became an orphan, she was still surrounded by love. This little girl lights up everyroom she enters and has a smile that melts every heart. We were not allowed to take pictures at the orphange due to privacy, but this picture here with one of the cooks at our guesthouse clearly portrays the effect she had on all who took care of her. And also a picture of her with our friend Eleni. Every nanny, cook, housekeeper, nurse, doctor, social worker and child that would she her would call out her name and try to get her attention. We were told by multiple people at the orphanage that they all loved Shetu very much and wanted to know updates on her medical status as soon as we found out anything. The first few days at the care center when any of the staff would see us with Shetu they would say, "Shetu, mommy, daddy" and begin to tear up. We were once again overwhelmed with the honor of being chosen by God to be this special girl's parents.

Faith Shetu is the master of facial expressions. This one is her special trade mark. Everyone at the care center would try and make this face at her to get her to make it back. She knows that it makes people laugh and it always gets a response.

This one means, hi or goodbye or give me five. And any of the three should end with you kissing her hand.

This is picture of Faith and her best friend from the care center. What an amazing experience...not just the story of our own family but to be a part of the story for 8 other families. Their children will forever be a part of who Faith is and an important part of her past.

Daddy's little girl. They are both completely in awe of each other. It is so amazing to see Kevin as the daddy to a little girl and he is definitely her favorite.

She can sleep anywhere and loves to be snuggled in the baby know I was so excited to be able to wrap up another little one. The carriers and wraps are back in service and this mama is loving it.

Another man of the house who is in awe of Faith. Watch out anyone who tries to mess with his little sister.

She loves music. She sings and dances all the time. If you make any type of rhythm she starts moving and singing. My neice, Kaylie, is already passing on her piano skills to Faith.

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