All dressed up with no place to go

And so we have gotten accustomed to the usual greeting, "when are you leaving?" And you would think that having a deadline of flying out by next Tuesday (yes, less than a week away) we would know exactly when we were leaving. But our departure remains a huge question mark. We are waiting for a document from U.S. immigration, one that we have been waiting for for quite awhile now. I never imagined that the U.S. side of things would be the stumbling block for going to get Faith. Everything is ready in Ethiopia, they expedited our case due to her medical need and they are ready for us to come get her.

And so we wait. Wait for our document that must be issued by one person who only works one day a week for the federal government and apparently that day varies by the week. Really? And so, yes we are preparing to go to Ethiopia. Our bags are ready, our living room is full of goodies to bring to all the orphans, and the boys are beyond excited about spending two weeks with their Nana, and now all we need is one piece of paper that has an X in the right spot.

We will let you know as soon as we know. Until then continue to pray that God will move this mountain and bring our baby home. We awake each morning with anticipation of what God is going to do and we wait on Him for the wisdom in the decisions we must make.

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