Adoption Update

Throughout the adoption journey it really is hard to ever get excited about good news. While you want to believe it, you want to have a glimmer of hope, there is also a part of you that says to stay guarded because at any moment they may say "and now it will be five years until your daughter comes home". And so, I think I am balancing it all with realistic hope. I have hope that very soon we will have a referral, we will get to see our daughter's face and that this year we will hold her in our arms. However, in the midst of all of that realizing that nothing is certain in international adoption.

On January 20th, I was overwhelmed all day by the need to pray for Faith. I don't know if we will ever know what was going on in her life that day, but God just kept telling me that she needed her mommy to pray for her. Our family prays every day that Faith will have food to eat that day, water to drink and that she will be safely surrounded in love. Kody asked me the other day, "Mommy does that work?" "What do you mean?" I responded. "When we pray for Faith to have food, does that work?" he answered. And so once again waiting for our precious little girl gave our family the opportunity to talk about faith and prayer and who God is. She is such a gift to us already!

We are now officially in the database for a little girl up to 30 months old with special needs. It has been a long couple of months while we went through the process to make this change. And then this week we actually got to do something. We had to update some documents because our paperwork is in the next batch to go to Ethiopia. While we have been officially waiting since Feb 08, our agency does not send all their dossiers to Ethiopia at the beginning of a family's wait time because it would be too overwhelming for their staff in country. It is awesome to know that our paperwork will be there ready. We have also started the process to change our immigration status to be approved for a child up to 30 months. The current wait time for a child over 24 months is 3 - 15 months and we have been waiting for 12 months.

Although we know it could be longer and we continue to trust God to bring Faith home. In the meantime, He is preparing us to be her family

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